Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

"She is an excellent presenter. She provided the right mix of theory and application in such a way that we not only learned how to use TPR but we were also exposed to why the method works. She responded very knowledgeably on whatever questions arose and was able to suggest very real solutions to adapt to your personal situations.
Jane Johnston, ESL teacher

"Excellent presentation. Not off topic even once.. Totally useful material... You did a great job!"
Amparo Roelofsen,, Spanish teacher

"This was fabulous!! Great step by step approach. I feel I now know how to be successful with TPR."
Donna R. Tatum, French teacher

"I have been to many seminars,
workshops, etc. I've never been to one more
useful, more full of practical, applicable ideas
based on solid language acquisition theory."
Jeri Dellamorete, Bilingual/ESL Teacher

"I can't recall ever hearing so many good ideas
for teaching languages put into such a compact seminar."
Wayne Allen, Instructor, N. Illinois U.

"This seminar is exactly what I've been looking
for: new ideas that I can actually use in the ESL classroom. It was motivating and exciting."
Cherie D. Wagoner, ESL Teacher

"A great big THANK YOU for a most innovative and stimulating experience."
Ken Blake, Asst. Supt. of Instruction

"I started implementing T.P.R. after your
workshop and it worked! My non-responsive, fearful students became communicative and participatory. Thanks so much for a working alternative."
Debra L. Posey, Spanish Teacher

"Wonderful...Lots of common sense answers
to frustrating classroom problems."
Dorothy Daly, High School Teacher

"An excellent workshop. Concrete, usable
material presented with verve."
Louree Eason, Principal

"Well organized, concise, intense, highly informative and well prepared -- not to mention a highly motivated instructor, experienced and knowledgeable in her field."
Jeff Laband, Foreign Language Instructor

"This is an excellent workshop which takes current theory and provides an excellent 'hands on' approach to classroom teaching. I highly recommend it for ALL teachers, not just for ESL teachers."
Chris Dowell, Teacher

"This has been the most worthwhile and informative ESL seminar I have ever attended. Thank you so much for the marvelous helps and ideas."
Betty Knutson, ESL Teacher

"This is our third 'Berty' conference. You never cease to amaze us with new ideas...Results of your methods are evident in student confidence, enthusiasm, and pride in how well they communicate."
Jeanette K. Smith, & Marietta Lipps, Jr. & Sr. High Teachers

"This is the most useful conference to come along in several years. It will help us to prepare for the 8th Grade Proficiency exam and the Regents (New York)."
M. Dayton, Foreign Language Chair

"I haven't been this excited since I discovered opera and sex (not on the same occasion!)"
Arlene Baldino, French Teacher

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